It’s a comedy drama called FARAGNA about FARAG who accidentally travels in time and enters the world of pharaohs through a magical spell. He will try to alter the ancients Egyptians' civilization by his weird actions, raising up conflict with ADEL his best friend who disagrees and tries to stop him all the way!

Directed by
Abdulrahman Hamad

Idea by 
Mohamed Hammad
Abdulrahman Hamad

Written by 
Wael Saad

Sawsan Badr
Ahmed Maher
Marwa Abdel Moneim
Aida Fahmy
Mohamed Hammad
Samy Maghawry
Ahmed Tarek

Production Manager 
Abdulrahman Hamad

Art Director & Lighting Director
Abdulrahman Hama
Series Produced by 
Mohamed Hammad...producer

Production Company

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