Award Winning Film
Hassan faces problems with his wife, causing him to see her as a monster, trying to find an escape.
.حسن يتعرض لمأزق ما مع زوجته مما يجعله يتخيلها كالوحش ويحاول إيجاد حلول للهروب منها.

Starring: Micheal Mounir, Mariam Said, Adam El Nahas, Mohammed Abdel Aziz
Production Manager: Sayed Hussein
Second Assistant Director: George Magdy
Script Supervisor: Mena Shoaib
Focus Puller: Ola El Mallah
Training Focus Puller: Abdulellah Hamad
Stylist: Reem Salama
Art Director: Fatma Salah El Emary
First Assistant Director: Mohammed Abdel Aziz
Sound Engineer: Hassan Fahmy
Executive Director: Youssef Hashem
Storyboard: Basma Fahmy
Color Grading: Mahmoud Abo Hussein
Edited by: Mahmoud El Shanawany
Sound Design and Mix: Madii Ibrahim
Music By: Mohamed Nazih
Director Of Photography: Amr Elsherbiny
Screenplay: Wedad Youssry
Poster Design: Abdulrahman Hamad
Aroma Studio Manager: Ahmed Samir 
Post Producer: Mazen Hesham 
VFX Supervisor: Mahmoud El Torkman
Producer: Abdulrahman Hamad
Special thanks to: Muhammed Ismail Ahmed Saeed El Nahas, Basma Saied, Yasmine Ashraf Elesawy, Mahmoud El Nouby, Mohamed Adel, Raef Kamel, Omarov Redavic, Hany Eladly, Mahmoud Maher
Film Edit and Color Grading and Sound Mix : AROMA
Special Thanks for the great support: Tamer Mortada 
Directed by: Abdulrahman Hamad

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